Shipping & Returns Policy



Shipping is calculated for each product separately and will be added on checkout - should you purchase multiple items and wish to get a multiple-item shipping quote other than that as calculated during checkout, please contact us directly at Items purchased through usually ship within 2-3 business days. Should you however not receive your order within 14 days for Australian orders or 45 days for International orders, please contact us with order details at:


Please note that due to recent IATA freight restrictions on Lithium battery products, we can only ship batteries to international customers by sea.




We are sorry to hear you may be experiencing a problem, this is highly unusual!! Please contact ElectriBank for more information on returning an item. You can contact us by email via the 'Contact' link above or by phone on +61 (0)2 80114776.

Please provide us with details of the transaction and a description of the issue you are experiencing. We will then reply with support advice or to advise on return procedures. Please also take time to read the ElectiBank Instruction PDF found on the 'Support' page also linked above.

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ElectriBank a Lithiumax Co. Est 2010. ElectriBank products have been designed to meet the demands of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) for mobile applications such as 4WD, Camping, RV and Boating as well as in the home and office environment for ESS and UPS applications. Designed in Australia and using the latest and safest environmentally sustainable Lithium LiFePO4 battery technologies. ElectriBank ESS Batteries are built for durability and performance in tough Australian conditions.


ElectriBank releases new 70Ah 130Ah PbEq Deep-Cycle Battery as well as its 2nd Generation high-capacity Lithium LiFePO4 ESS 110Ah Battery. With 230Ah PbEq capacity, these units weigh only 7.5kg and 13kg respectively! Leaving environmentally hazardous & antiquated lead-acid and AGM battery technologies in their wake.



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